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GSoC 2010 report for gpypi2 under Gentoo Linux

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GSoC 2010 is history, but more and more is going on.

Let me rephrase a bit what was my project over this summer, what does it provide and what will the future bring.

gpypi2 has become quite more than it's primary goal, installation of Python packages has never been easier:

  • Create/echo Gentoo Linux ebuilds from Python Package Index or from Python source (with help of distutils)
  • Install that ebuild with invoking emerge
  • Create overlay from all working packages on Python Package Index


Very easy.

$ layman -f -o
$ layman -a iElectric

### unmask gpypi2, easiest with autounmask
$ autounmask -a dev-python/gpypi2-9999

$ emerge -av gpypi2

gpypi2 -h for list of commands. Please report bugs to BitBucket issue tracker

Not over yet

My work at Gentoo. I will be back.

Special thanks to my mentor Jesus "neurogeek" Rivero, without him it would be impossible.

PS: In one week I am releasing gpypi2 0.1 release.