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GPyPi2 — Google Summer of Code week #11

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Greetings, following is the weekly update for gpypi2 project. It's main purpose is to generate ebuilds from Python Package Index. Quick links to project info:

GPyPi knows about metadata.xml, ChangeLog and Manifest!

Previous week (2nd - 9th August)

Task: metadata, echangelog and manifest generation

In the last week of implementing features I will add support for Gentoo developers workflow.

Done. Implementation is in gpypi2/ One issue though: echangelog has no idea how to add files to SCM, will have to find another abstraction tool for that.

Task: Atomic actions

Currently if anything fails in the process, data will lay around the filesytem.
I'll implement most basic cleanup (rollback) on failures.

I haven't touched this one, mostly because I don't have a good idea how to handle tracking of files.

Task: Exceptions

Code currently uses a bit of exceptions and a bit of log.error.
I'll make that a bit structured and also document what exceptions are raised in functions

Done. Exceptions are documented and properly catched in code.

Task: integration tests and documentation

Update documentation and write some integration tests.

Partly done. Tests still need some love, but that will not be part of the GSOC (I still have to properly implement SrcUriNamer.)

GSoC is over, I have met my deliverables. It was a lot of fun, can't wait for Gentoo community to start using my tool. Project is far far from finished, I will continue to work on it and polish it. At the end, Gentoo is my primary choice for platform (even on laptop).

I can't wait for next year to apply for the project and continue to work on OSS. Cheers guys!

Thanks to my mentor Jesus for supporting me and thanks to Gentoo community for IRC 0day help! :)