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GPyPi2 — Google Summer of Code week #7 and #8

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Greetings, following is the weekly update for gpypi2 project. It's main purpose is to generate ebuilds from Python Package Index. Quick links to project info:

Very successful 2 weeks. Two days of vacations and nice shiney configuration utility together with questionnaire.

Previous 2 weeks (5th - 19th July)

Task: Write configuration skeleton

Currently, gpypi2 code only takes configuration from command line.
I'd like to extend that to config file (.ini), get data directly from
and interactive questionaire. In order for that to function properly,
configuration needs to be done in right sequence.

Following week I will write down the design and implement initial working prototype.

Configuration dispatcher fully implemented! Also we have already working questionnaire functionality. Details can be found at

Task: sync command - populate overlay with successful ebuilds from pypi

When I will get bored or stuck with task #1, I'll start working on command that will
generate ebuilds from all packages in pypi to an overlay.

Initial "sync" command is implemented. Still lacking proper error handling, metadata generation and manifest update support. Will be a lot easier to implement with current configuration management.

Additional, following mini-tasks were performed:

  • fixed echo command to work properly
  • correct handling of whitespace in rendered ebuilds
  • replace 4 spaces with a tab in rendered ebuilds

Upcoming week (20th - 26th July)

Task: fix TODOs in the code

Code currently has about `60 TODOs <,python=2.6/58/tasksResult/?>`_ that need to be address for a better codebase.

Task: Implement "python bdist_ebuild" command

I'll peek into distutils heart and implement most basic bdist command to output an ebuild.
I will basically the same stuff we currently do,
except it will parse data from itself and not through pypi.