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GPyPi2 — Google Summer of Code week #4

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Greetings, following is the weekly update for gpypi2 project. It's main purpose is to generate ebuilds from Python Package Index. Quick links to project info:

I'm more than happy to announce first pre-alpha prototype. Intended goal is to make people start using the tool and reporting back their critics.

Install gpypi2

$ sudo pip install


$ sudo easy_install

Create an ebuild

$ sudo gpypi2 create flask

 * Generating ebuild: Flask 0.4
 * Your ebuild is here: /usr/local/portage/dev-python/flask/flask-0.4.ebuild
 * Dependency needed: Werkzeug
 * Dependency needed: Jinja2
 * Generating ebuild: Werkzeug 0.6.2
 * Your ebuild is here: /usr/local/portage/dev-python/werkzeug/werkzeug-0.6.2.ebuild
 * Generating ebuild: Jinja2 2.5
 * Your ebuild is here: /usr/local/portage/dev-python/jinja2/jinja2-2.5.ebuild
 * Dependency needed: Babel
 * Generating ebuild: Babel 0.9.5
 * Your ebuild is here: /usr/local/portage/dev-python/babel/babel-0.9.5.ebuild

NOTE: ebuilds will probably not function yet, features are yet to be completed/added. Report bugs to `issue tracker <>`_.

Previous week (15-21 June)

Main goal of previous week was to get closer to first prototype. Done.

Task: First snippet of command line interface

Put enough together to assemble ebuilds from command line. I think
many issues may pop up, and lots of bugs shall be fixed. I'm currently
mostly doing stuff from my head, with not much practise whatsoever.

Mostly, we should get a result of better test coverage (currrently about

The only component left untouched is the configuration. I would like to
touch this topic after all my exams are over, leaving me time and

Command line interface was added, test coverage is up to 60%. Lots of small fixes were done. As a bonus, I added portage output syntax colors.

Task: get_dependencies - another refactor to enamer

Title says it all. Also handling of multiple version operators should be

Example: foobar>=0.5&& foobar<0.6

should resolve in <0.6 blocker and >=0.5 requirement.

Multiple operators on version dependencies are handled as blockers, implemented in tip. However get_dependencies was not refactored, since I still might be adding functionality. Not really necessary for now.

Upcoming week (22-28 June)

Task: Use SrcUriNamer

gpypi2.enamer.SrcUriNamer is awaiting for quite 2 weeks now
to be finally used.

It's basically factory that generates SRC_URI and HOMEPAGE
according to mirror provider.
A lot of additional refactoring will be needed to Enamer to
use this utility instead of current guessing/parsing.

Task: Fix bugs reported by users

Lot of bugs are going to pop up; fix bugs, write tests and
add documentation.

Task: Increase test coverage

I'm still not satisfied with test coverage.
I'll try to increase it a bit more.
It's 10 days week of exams on my university, soon I will be able to put
in more effort in implementing features.

Cheers, Domen